About Us

About Us

Srishti is one of the upcoming and most Innovative Interior Designing & Architecture practitioners in Kochi, Kerala. We work at all scales and in all sectors, keeping up to global standards in all works without any segregation. Since the initiation in 2015 Srishti team is working to create an era of sustainable designs for a brighter future. The design of each project is reviewed, cross examined and studied at all stages, from early conceptual design to finalisation of even minute details.

We begin our design process when a client approaches us with his dreams & requirements. From the beginning itself consistent interaction is maintained with the clients for inspirations. These concept sketches are then transformed to technical and detailed drawings by our skilled team. Each design is done in a unique manner to reflect the heart and soul of the client combining the building technologies, culture and skills.

Srishti Architects -Best Architectural Designers in Tripunitura
Srishti Architects -Best Architectural Designers in Tripunitura
Srishti Architects -Best Architectural Designers in Tripunitura

Our Quality Policy

We believe that the secret to our achievements is in giving our customers what they desire, and our belief in the implementation of up-to-the-minute techniques and resources in our operations.

Why Choose Us

As the architect on your project, we will do everything within our power to make sure you are getting the most bang for your Money.
Our team of licensed engineers led by fearless architect leader Ar.Sreelakshmi Menon brings well over 10 years of combined experience.
It isn’t uncommon for clients to come to us with an idea and for us to extrapolate it into something totally different while maintaining the initial vision of the client.
We are constantly taking continuing education classes to make sure our clients get the most of modern technological breakthroughs in the building industry.

Dr. George

Doctor - Tripunitura

Thank you so much for dropping into us and ending our endless search for a passionate designer. We sure did make a good team and we are looking forward for all your assistance and professional support in our upcoming projects.

Mahesh Raj

Business Owner - Aluva

I am writing this mail to let you know how happy we are with the renovation of our house. We still do have few constructional errors to be rectified by the contractors and carpenters. But we are so happy with the exterior design of the house.

Muhammed Salim

Business Owner - Calicut

We would like to express our extreme satisfaction in the designs as well as the execution of the architecture and interior works. We are so happy to see our business take a new turn and phase with this up gradation.